Jaimee Newman’s body of work demonstrates the fusion of personal moments along with viewer perceptions with the intent of the viewer to experience a journey of self- reflection of both past and present. Jaimee Newman’s mission is to transform public spaces with innovative creations using figurative abstraction, to educate her community about the power and healing quality of art, and to bring both old and new exciting materials to the surface of the art landscape.

The work of Jaijaimee-newmanmee Newman has been successfully exhibited nationwide in contemporary galleries, hotels, restaurants, and has been commissioned by many high-end residential home owners. She respectfully holds her Bachelors in Fine Arts and Illustration from The School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Certification to teach Art. She has taught fine art to students from New York City to Philadelphia in public, private, and non-profit schools. Her work includes the permanent collection of NYLO Hotels, The Society of Illustrators, The Magic Gardens, The James Oliver Gallery, and The Ice Box Gallery in Philadelphia. Jaimee’s immense love of dogs has also gifted her with numerous dog portraits for clients nationwide and would like a house full of dogs, someday..